[UPDATE] New "Water" Room (Gate 7) "Halloween", "Fall" and "Last releases Hall" (Gate 5, 6), and "Structures" (Gate 2).

"Seven Deadly Sins" and "Fire" has been moved (Gate 7).

This is not just a shop, but an entire sim built in a sci-fi glam, urban, underground techno style.

Every room has a different style, and so the poses.

If you have no time to spend exploring,

i suggest you to use the Teleport Station in the main room. There is a teleport in every room. Or the Marketplace.

But if you like to explore, then welcome to LostAngel! This place is for you.

To help you to not get Lost the sim has been divided in 7 Gates. Every gate contains a specific kind of products.

At the entrance of every gate there is a Service Room: Teleport, Redelivery System, update Group and a Control Panel that gives you all the info and landmarks.

When you see a closed Door you have found a quick crossing to a secret room. Go through!

Pay attention to the arrows: sometimes they indicate a Phantom Wall that allows you to reach quickly another room/gate.

Another room that is quite useful to know is the Latest Releases hall in Gate 6: gives you quick info and landmarks about the latest releases.