Female Modeling Poses

Sexy and stylish, sweet and seductive , fresh and attitude. Choose your style!

Male Modeling Poses

Higly and subtly attractive, plastic cheeky and attitude male poses.

The Plastic Collection

The Plastic Collection

The Stylish Collection

The Stylish Collection

Chic Collection

Chic Collection

Glam Collection

Glam Collection

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel



Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Modeling Poses by LostAngel

Romance and Couple Poses

For romantic and intimate personal and editorial photoshots

Couple Poses

Group and Friend Poses

Tragic Love Collection

Valentine series

Romance Multiposes

Vintage and Retro'

Classic Furniture Multiposes

Allure Retro' Collection

The Film Noir Collection

The Stages

The Boudoir and Vintage Chaises line

The Tub

The Vault

The Stage
Boudoir Chair
Vintage Couch - Couple Poses
The Stage (red)
The Stage (Green)
Music Lounger
Allure Retro' Collection
Allure Retrò Collection
Allure Retro' Collection
Allure Retro' Collection
Vintage Lounger Collection
Vintage Lounger Collection
Allure Retro' Collection
Vintage Lounger Collection
Vintage Lounger Collection
Allure Retro' Collection

"ALLURE RETRO COLLECTION" -  Sexy diva poses in retro’ style elegant props * 7 multiposes with color options and accessories

"F I L M N O I R - A poseable Gangster's Story"

Released for Vintage Fair

Seduction and intrigue for a classic scene from a noir thriller:

"The Dark Alley" scene with 7 couple poses, "Detective Room" with 7 couple poses and some animations.

Everything is menu commanded and copy/mod, and complete scene set-ups are included.



Detective Room

Detective Room

Detective Room

Detective Room

Detective Room

Detective Room

Detective Room

Detective Room

Film Noir

Film Noir

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose - 7 couple poses

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose

The Dark Alley Multipose- 7 couple poses

Detective Room

Detective Room

7 couple poses

"THE VAULT" Released for Pose Fair

A poseset with 10 female solo poses and 3 Couple Poses.

Deactivate the alarm to reach the Vault, move sexy and sneaky through the laser system alarm!


Couple Pose #2 is conceived to look from the angle of the security camera.

Couple Pose #3: If you succeed in the heist, ask to the guy to wear the attachment included !

Modern Furniture and Props

Dormeuses, pouffs and chaises multiposes. Modern and futuristic line of scripted furniture and multiposes,

with accessories and options.

Dormeuses Line Pouffs Multipose Futuristic Chair Cubes and Neon Glow


"S T R U C T U R E S " - Debut of the serie of minimal props with editorial poses showcasing shoes, clothes, hair, jewelry. Structures "Shoes" has been released with 8 female poses and accessories (shopping bags and boxes) 

Conceptual Collections

The S e v e n D e a d l y S i n s is a set of Special Poses representing the Seven Capital Vices who made the angels fall from heaven.

This collection is NOT available anymore inworld or at the marketplace

T h e P r i d e

Pride is also known as Vanity and is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, excessive belief in one’s own abilities, is was what caused Lucifer’s fall from Heaven. [3 prims pose, mirror included]

T h e E n v y

Envy is characterized by an insatiable desire for others’ traits, status, ability money or love.

Those who commit the sin of envy resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it. [Couple Pose]

T h e G r e e d

or avarice is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess.

Scavenging and hoarding of materials or objects, theft and robbery, especially by means of violence, trickery, disloyalty, deliberate betrayal are all actions that may be inspired by greed.

[A Poseset that includes : - The coins hoard (14 prims) that contains a Temp Rezzer for the Treasure Chest- The Skull, that contains and commands 4 single poses (male and female)- A temp rezzing chest (0 prims!)- Optional hand attachments (Falling coins)

T h e W r a t h

Wrath may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feeling of hatred and anger. These feelings can manifest in the desire to seek revenge… The transgressions borne of vengeance are among the most serious… including murder, assault….and heart theft!

[The poseset includes: a couple pose, a sculpted heart and blood splashes]

T h e S l o t h

Someone called it the sin of sadness or despair, others portray sloth as being more simply a sin of laziness or indifference, of an unwillingness to act, an unwillingness to care …[The poseset includes: the couple pose, M pose animated, the fan, sculpted pillows]

T h e G l u t t o n y

Gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste, and may be characterized by an obsessive anticipation of meals, and the constant eating of delicacies and excessively costly foods. Gluttony is an inordinate desire to eat and to want more and more…[The Poseset includes:

- #3 Couple Poses

- the Boudoir Table in gold

- The Lostangel Bottle of champagne (on/off on click)

- the Sushi set

- optional Grapes]

T h e L u s t

Lust (or lechery) is usually thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Giving in to lusts can lead to sexual or sociological compulsions and transgressions including sexual addiction, and other perversions.. Lust is “excessive love of others”.

[Boudoir Chaise Longue, menu driven, that includes:

- 8 Male/Female “Lust” Couple Poses

- 1 Female/Female “Lust” Couple Pose

- 1 Male/Male “Lust” Couple Pose

- 10 textures options / 2 legs options (gold and silver)

The Seven Elements is a set of Special Poses respresenting the Seven Elements. Four elements has been released.


F i r e

Use the destructive power of the fire to express your passion!

pose in a ring of fire.... play with electricity....set on fire the memories that remind you of your past.....burn down the house!

Set it on fire!

[In this collection: 12 poses (8 female + 4 male) with fire props and scenery All in one multipose Menu' commanded, fully mod, easily adjustable and copy - with optional sound effects].

W a t e r

Get ready for a plunge in the glowing, mystic underwater athmosphere...

[In this collection: 3 Undersea complete Posesets with (8) Couple and (6)Solo Poses and 3 Mermaid Multiposes, with (10) Solo Poses and (4) Group Poses and one gift prop]

E a r t h

Sense the Elements... Live the Seasons... Love "Earth"

[In this magical collection a lot of props nature-seasons themed, perfect for posing and landscaping . Four "swings" one for each season with 10 female solo poses, the "trunks" with 15 female poses,the magic "mushrooms" to play with ivy, butterflies and poses, the "ice sculptures" like the fashion "ice cube"and the "frozen heart" the dollarbie gift for you, and for the first time clothes and accessories]

W i n d

Pose in a stormy cloud, surrounded by lightnings.

10 evocative windy poses and accessories included.

The Seven Elements

The Seven Deadly Sins

Seasonal Collections


Released for POSE FAIR

A totally spring/country collection that includes scripted themed multiposes conceived for editorial, fashion photography and vendors shots.

The Straw Bales - Multipose

8 Female/Some Unisex poses - 3 prims

The Fence - Multipose

10 female/ some unisex poses - only 1 prim!

The Crates - Friend Poses

1 Couple Pose/2 prims each

The Bird - Multipose

5 poses with props (birds)

The Pier - Multipose

4 Couple Poses - 1 prim!

The Hat - Multipose

5 Poses with props ( hat)

The Flowers - Multipose

5 female poses and props (flowers/butterflies)

The Boat - Multipose

1 couple pose and 3 female/1 male pose

Fatpack : available


"Scooter Collection"

Part of the "Spring Collection" multiposes with solo/couple poses for editorial, fashion, and vendors photoshots.


Released for POSE FAIR



Enjoy this magical fall season, FALL(ing) in love. Part of the serie of autumnal themed multiposes:

"FALL (ing) in LOVE" has been released with 7 couple poses and accessories/props/complete autumn scene. 


Enjoy the Halloween atmosphere

with the widest collection of horror/gothic props and poses!

The Witch Multipose
Halloween - Mr Bones
Halloween - Mr Bones
Halloween - Mr Bones
Halloween - Mr Bones
Halloween - Mr Bones
Halloween - Mr Bones
The Voodoo Doll
The Voodoo Doll
halloween poses (marketplace)
Halloween - Mr Bones

"HALLOWEEN TREE AND SWING" a complete halloween scene great for emo-dark photoshots and landscaping. 

 "THE SEANCE" a complete and detailed room-set with 26 poses and animations and SPOOKY effects! 

"T H E F A L L E N "

Beautiful angel prop with 10 female solo poses

"T H E C A G E"

A gothic cage prop with 10 female solo poses

"T H E C R O W S "

Pose with crows (standing and flying) - Multipose with props

10 female poses included


10  female poses available in 5 colors.


The Winter Village, a cozy little corner where you can find the biggest collection of Winter/Christmas themed multiposes!


Pose and Decorate your "XMAS TREE"

- 6 sweet couple poses

- the xmas tree to decorate with your loved one

- tons of decorations and ornaments

- santa outfit bonus!

- complete xmas tree scene.

- all copy/mod



"THE MASK " Mysterious and intriguing, the mask multipose that ncludes 7 solo female poses with different masks

Touch the multipose (pillow with mask) to start > chose the pose > the prop will rezz automatically

- MASK props -> rezzed by the multipose, you can move them, copy them in in your inventory from the content tab and wear them like attachments.

Other Collections

D A N C E  B O X ! Relesead for FAIR

10 female dance poses, different sets and extra poseball to get couple poses.

First released for CHIC2 Event


- Display Cubes [8 mannequin poses] #3 versions included

- Display Mannequin white and black [8 poses each]

- In the Fatpack: #3 different setups [vintage, modern, minimal] and all the multiposes and accessories.


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