Delivery Issues

"i did not received

the items i've bought"



1. First, please wait up to 15 mins. You will receive your product in 90% of cases.

If SL is slow this waiting time is normal. Don’t buy duplicates, please.

2. After 15 mins, In a (rare) case your item is still in delivery pending, please use the Redelivery System

How does it works?

Just click the terminal and it will guide you into the redelivery procedure.

It will retrieve automatically all your purchases and will send you back a copy.

(It will work just for COPY items).

Where is the Redelivery System?

There is one terminal in every room.

3. Just in this rare event you still not have received your goods and the Redelivery Service didn’t helped you , please compile the form including the date of purchase and the name of the items. You will get your goods in 12-24 hours.


to Redelivery


For Marketplace delivery issues

and any other problem or question you may have on Lostangel Products please fill the form above, or send me an e-mail ( No IMS and Notecards!

For any other questions please read the FAQ and Policy on the Info tab before contacting me. Thanks :)

Sends you a copy

of a purchased item.

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